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The Results Are In! There’s a New Way to Wedding in 2022

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Our beloved wedding bible, The Knot, has released its prophecy for 2022, and we are PUMPED. With champagne in tow, we took a deep dive into 2022’s hottest wedding trends! I’ve asked three of Kaleidoscope Event's top wedding planners to officially weigh in on a few of the major predictions.

For a full list of 2022 trends, click here.

Knot Trend #1: Relaxed Luxury

AKA, Rustic Chic. And yes, we are here for it! After the hell that the 2020s have already ensued on us, we picture our couples prioritizing connection with their guests in a more personal, intimate, and festive way. Imagine visiting each guest for more than your allotted 30 seconds?!

Knot Trend #2: 'Otherworldly' Domestic Destinations Sign us up for a roaring 20's gilded Gatsby gala in a historic mansion, or for a natural, dreamy, folklore-inspired gathering. When it comes to destination weddings, we envision lots of fun, new experiences right here from our homebase!

Knot Trend #6: Welcome to the Countryside Period Romance? French-inspired countryside? What more can we ask for? This is Your Wedding (Taylor’s Version). We love this, and that is all we have to say about it. No concessions here!

Knot Trend #9: Storytelling through Individual Servings

Totally! Weddings are meant to be about the couple, so why not really *cater* to their tastes and memories?

Last year, our couple Delaney and Issac had the same Ben and Jerry’s ice cream truck that they had visited on their first date! The result was a fun, special treat that allowed everyone to feel like a part of their love story. Individual servings are also COVID and food safety friendly. Many guests would prefer individual dishes, or individual packaging, to minimize exposure and contact.

Knot Trend #10: Weekday Weddings Our team’s responses here are kind of a mixed bag. Yes, you get a price cut for your weekday wedding. And yes, it is a necessary evil when trying to cram 3 years of pandemic weddings into 2022. But, ultimately, weekday vibes just hit differently! If you’re going for a low-key feel, then definitely cash in on the benefits of a weekday wedding; but, if you want your guests to be twerking to Cardi B by the end of the night, invest in a weekend event.

Knot Trend #11: Experiential Wedding Registries YESSSSSS. You can thank millennials for awkwardly paving the way to this - do you have any idea how hard it was to explain Honeyfund to our parents in 2010? Fast forward a decade, and we now have other amazing key players as well, like Zola and Birdie . This is happening for several reasons…

1) Many couples already live together and have the basics covered.

2) There has been a cultural shift in coveting experience over possessions.

3) Humans are (hopefully) more aware of their own environmental impact and, therefore, don’t need everything to be shiny and new.

We give tips for building the registry you actually want here.

Knot Trend #12: Supporting Local Businesses

Yes, please! Not only is supporting the local community a saintly act, but these businesses often offer the highest quality of service too. Win-win. Local means more attention and less room for error (ie: getting the wrong flowers or having your DJ stuck in traffic). It also means more pre-wedding one-on-one time between you and your vendor

Do these trends get you excited for the year of weddings we have ahead of us? We can hardly handle it! Reach out and let us know how you’re integrating some of these trends into your own weddings. 😊💜


The KE Team


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