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Desserts are Edible Love: Myths and Facts About Sweets on Your Special Day

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

In honor of Halloween, we would like to tackle the endless possibilities of sweet treats. Like everything wedding-related, traditional cakes are moving over to make way for more trendy treats that more closely represent the couple’s taste. Many couples are now either adding more treats to their traditional cake, nixing the cake entirely, or saving the treats as favors.

My wedding, for example, had a variety of traditional cakes with a personalized cookie at each place setting as a favor. My brother had a huge cupcake tier at his wedding, with a S’more kit on each plate as a nod to their love for camping. Others choose to forgo all traditions and have an entire appetizer and dessert themed wedding, combining a variety of hors d'oeuvre and sugar as the only food source. When traditional desserts first started their transition, cupcakes were edgy and hip. Now, some years later, the options are endless. Dessert tables and DIY stations*** are all the rage; and, there is nothing you can’t DIY, which is fun (but overwhelming!). Remember the days when a single cake tasting over the course of an hour or two solved all our dessert problems? Now, this shit is complex. Let us help.

DESSERT MYTHS AND FACTS MYTH - You have to have cake at your wedding.

It is 2021 and you don’t have to do anything. We've seen so many cool ideas with no cake in sight.

MYTH: People don't like Cake.

Uhmm, do people also not like sex, no matter what position they try, or who they try to do it with? Maybe they don’t like certain kinds of sex with certain kinds of people, but come on, they like sex; they just might not know it yet. As with sex, cake is all about finding the right baker and the right type of cake for you. Whether it’s a frosting thing or a batter thing, there is a something out there for you. If you want to do cake, have all the tastings in the word until you find the right one.

While tastings do mean spending more cash, many times the cost of the tasting will go towards your purchase bill. We can’t say much in regards to the barker’s you don’t end up choosing; you probably won’t get that money back there. However, the experience and knowledge may be worth the money.

Marion Attal, founder and owner of Mamie Brougitte Cakes - a bakery nestled into the Berkshires in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts - states that tasting meetings cost $100 at her shop and include 4 mini cake samples, a design consolation, and a cake sketch. If the customer is not local, the shop can ship the samples (shipping fees excluded in $100 cost) and do a virtual meeting! Marion states that "Tasting meetings and design consultations definitely help customers make decisions on flavors. It is a great way to communicate directly with the cake artist about different options and to make decisions on what works best for your needs and wants. There is a lot that goes into making a wedding cake that doesn’t apply for a traditional more casual cake, and it is helpful to coordinate with a professional about all the details".

Though it can be overwhelming, the bake shop will help you every step of the way. Marion tells us that her clients start out by giving a general idea of the type of flavors they might like (fruity, nutty, chocolatey, sweet, etc). She then comes up with a customized list of 10-15 cake flavor combinations based on the their preferences and seasonal availability. Both members of the couple-to-be should attend the tasting, and possibly their event specialist as well. More is not merrier, as too many opinions can cloud your personal judgement and be overwhelming, so keep the guest list simple!

FACT: Your dessert choice speaks to who you are.

It’s true. Having desserts that appeal to you makes your wedding even more personalized, and highlights who you are as individuals and as a couple! Whether it's a donut wall, a pie bar, or a little bit of both, pick the sweet that makes YOU go back for more every time!

MYTH: Cake = cake-cutting ceremony.

Again, it is 2021, and that just isn’t true. Having a cake doesn’t mean you have to make a big ordeal out of it. You don't have to have a song or ask the MC to make a big announcement. In fact, you can skip it and have the MC simply announce when the cake is available to guests. You could have a small, private cake cutting with yourselves, your parents (?), and your media team; or you can full-on skip it and just have the house cut the cake on schedule, without even your knowledge.

*** It should be noted that in this pandemic era, many guests would prefer having hors d'oeuvres and treat stations on individual dishes, or in individual packaging, to minimize exposure and contact. Right now, more than ever, no one wants to take a cupcake that may have been slightly caressed by another guest's hand. Luckily, there are some fun, trendy ways to socially distance your food and drink offerings (paper food trays or Chinese takeout boxes, anyone?)


The KE Team

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