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How To Create the Perfect Wedding Script

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

A wedding day is the most special day of a couple’s life - We know that! But in the hassle of arranging everything, the wedding ceremony script often takes the back seat.

While the idea of writing a ceremony script is dreadful, the need for getting it right and delivering it in front of many guests makes it more terrifying.

We sat down with Justice of the Peace Priscilla Geaney to discuss the process behind writing her wedding ceremony scripts. She decided to take on this role in 2004 when it looked like Massachusetts was going to be the first state to legalize gay marriage. She wanted to be there and ready for anyone who wanted to make that life commitment to one another. She truly believe that loving someone and being loved by them is one of the greatest gifts in life. We LOVE that!!

Priscilla has experience working with over a 1000 couples, so she knows that every couple is unique. Together, she can make your ceremony reflect your personality, lifestyle, family traditions and spiritual beliefs.

Q: What elements do you always include in your scripts?

A: I focus on how they met, fell in love, and what they say about each other.

Q: What parts of a traditional wedding script do you find easiest to leave out for couples that want a shorter ceremony? -

A: The procedural things are what they usually miss.

Q: What are your suggestions to couples on writing their own vows?

A: I think writing your vows too early is the biggest mistake couples make. They edit them soooo many times that they end up sounding like a Hallmark Card someone else wrote. Decide together on a format and length Wait till close to the end, write them once and put them away.

That said, there is nothing that has to be said or done in a ceremony. I make sure there is respect for each other and for what they are doing - and for marriage.

Q: How do you make a script special to each couple?

A: I spend time with my couples. I want to know their love story and the people they hold dear and want to include in their ceremony.

Q: In your opinion, what makes a perfect script?

A: A perfect script is SHORT, meaningful, and focused on the couple. It is never about me, or anybody else involved in the day!

Here at KE, we'll always help you with any aspect of your day - which includes writing this wedding script! But, if you're looking to hire a justice of the peace, just know that you'll be in good hands there, too ✨


The KE Team


Photos taken by Lena Mirisola

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