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How To Prepare Your Wedding Party for Your Wedding Day

Readiness. It’s so different for everyone!

How prepared we are for the big moments in our lives rely heavily on our personalities. Type A’s are overly ready; Type B’s are simply ready; and Type C’s are drunk. The formula really is that easy. However, when our goal is to have a group of different personalities on the same page, we 100% need to use a Texas Instrument calculator to figure it out.

When it comes to preparing your wedding party for your big day, there is a lot to consider. First and foremost, you do NOT need to rein in your expectations of them. In fact, they need to meet you where you are (within reason). That being said, you DO need to be clear. If you don’t want your college BFF high during the ceremony, you need to explicitly tell them (click here to read more about getting real with your wedding party).

Similarly, if you want your wedding party to show up at 8:30 exactly for hair and makeup, you explicitly need to tell them. We strongly encourage you to give your wedding party physical and/or digital itineraries. As a type B (bordering on type C) person myself, I totally understand how uncomfortable this may be; but honestly, it’s way more uncomfortable to get the wires crossed when the stakes are so high.

Here are some questions and details we suggest considering when having discussions with your wedding party (if/when applicable):

Rehearsal Day Details

  • What is the rehearsal location and arrival time?

  • What is the rehearsal dinner location and time?

  • What is the welcome drink location and time?

  • Any additional information about attire, transportation, etc.

Wedding Day Details

  • Arrival time and location to get ready. Give a window from earliest to latest acceptable arrival.

  • What should they wear while getting ready?

  • What should they bring with them (wedding clothes, accessories, shoes, example photos of hair / makeup, snacks, drinks, etc.)?

  • Details on provided meals, breaks, beverages

When working with KE, we provide you with an EXTENSIVE list of questions to discuss with your wedding party. We’ll make sure you dot all your T’s and cross all your I’s 💜

What do you think of these questions? Is it too much for your delicate, type C personality? Is there anything the Type A in you would add? Let us have it!


The KE Team


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