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Blossoming Wedding Floral Trends for 2022

April has come and gone. We had our showers, but did it bring us any May flowers? That answer is different for all of us. When it comes to wedding flowers, the options are endless; often our couples don’t even know where to begin! Another big surprise? The cost! Floral arrangements, plants, vines, flowers, petals, etc. can bite a huge chunk out of your budget; and oftentimes the sticker shock is as great as when preparing the proposal…ring included! Why? Because florals are not just for centerpieces and bouquets.

In order to further prepare you on what to expect, we have teamed up with Jed Thompson, co-owner and founder of Township Four Floristry and Home. Below, Jed walks us through a quick, but oh-so valuable, Q&A on flowers for the 2022 season.

Q1: What are some of the floral trends you’re seeing? Are there any ‘classic’ flowers that are cycling back through? A1: Greenery, greenery, greenery! Jed tells us that greenery is as on trend now as ever! Jed states that seasonality is also always appropriate and requested for couples' weddings. “I do expect to see more drieds and dyed florals making their way into palettes, along with a focus on sustainability and carbon footprints. We use as much as we can from local growers and that growing season is certainly extending further into autumn and spring with advances in growing technology.”

Q2: What are the prices looking like for this year versus last? Are there any supply & demand issues you're running into? A2: Hang onto your hats, friends. Jed tells us that prices are up 5% to 15% on many florals, and with the number of weddings forecasted for this year being so great, he strongly recommends everyone be flexible with their vendors. “Think about going for an overall 'feeling' or 'vibe' versus explicitly requesting certain stems. Especially if they're out of season.” Jed also says they have had issues getting certain hard-goods like glassware and vases, as these items are typically mass produced and worldwide production is down. Luckily, rentals are often an option. Kaleidoscope Events offers a number of rental options for various wedding needs!

Q3: What are you suggesting for couples with smaller budgets?

A3: “Ask! Be upfront with your vendors if you have a strict budget. Don't hesitate to have that conversation with your florist (or caterer or photographer, etc, etc) about what you'd LOVE to have but may not be able to fit in money-wise.” Jed also says to figure out what is most important to you and go for those items and ask if there's another, more economical, way to get a similar feeling or item.

Q4: What sort of large-scale arrangements are you making for a grander floral statement?

A4: “Hanging greenery - vines throughout spaces or above the dance floor. Natural looking greenery pieces have often been requested. Also, large statement pieces - five to eight feet in size and height - with a significant amount of florals in them for larger welcome tables or even the bar. One or two of these really can make a visual impact” We are LOVING everything Jed tells us about Floral trends for 2022, other than the price increase, of course. Have other questions about flowers? Leave a message in the comments!


The KE Team

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