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Where to Start and What to Include: A Guide to Creating Your Wedding Ceremony

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

As we approach the busy season of weddings once again (YAY! Gooooooodbye 2020!), we thought it would be the perfect time to share how we help guide our couples in creating the perfect ceremony. If you've hired a pro, they’ll already know all the deets; but for those of you out there checking out this blog post so you can know what to expect, I hope you enjoy it!

First things first, decide WHO will marry you. We love when our couples’ suggest having a loved one involved, but before randomly picking Uncle Vinny or some other friend or relative, consider asking yourself the questions below to guide you in picking the best person to lead you in saying ‘I do’!

✅ Does this person have a knack for public speaking (ie: they don’t get nervous easily, they can project their voice, they can read aloud well, etc)?

✅ Will this person straight up Kim K ugly cry during those touching moments?

✅ Does this person make you feel calm and at ease?

Next is to ASK that person if they’d be up for the task! A great way to ‘pop the question’ is to gift them one of these awesome books. Both books are short + sweet, and will help guide them in writing a script for your ceremony!

If no one comes to mind, that’s no big deal either. We at KE, along with many other companies, offer Justice of the Peace services!

Last but not least, you need to create your ceremony script. Your ceremony is unique to you and your partner based on your personal beliefs, family values, and preferences. We often see that couples tend to want to make their ceremonies as short as possible. While short + sweet is great, this is a HUGE life commitment and is the start of your life together. You don't need to feel social pressure to rush it. All your guests will survive your longer ceremony if that is what you want.

To make the daunting task of creating a ceremony less overwhelming, we provide our couples with a questionnaire that they can share with their officiant. While our actual list is a little more extensive (we really want to make everything perfect! 😊), here are a few examples of what your officiant should be asking in order to create a personalized ceremony.

✨ Where, when + how did you meet?

✨ Tell me about your first date and the feelings you had before, during + after.

✨ When did you know that your partner was ‘The One’?

✨ What are your favorite things to do together?

✨ What are you most looking forward to in marriage?

✨ How do you want to remember your ceremony?

✨ Are there any traditions or rituals you would like to include in your ceremony? ✨ What have you seen at other weddings that you like and/or dislike?

✨ Do you plan to write your own vows, exchange traditional vows, or both?

This questionnaire can be answered a variety of ways. If this is something you and your partner would like to tackle together, by all means do it! However, if you want to leave a little room for excitement on your special day, you two can answer the questions individually and hand them to the officiant. They can share your responses on your wedding day, adding a little bit of surprise to the ceremony. If you’re not sure what this even means, we love this short and simple guide that gives few ideas!

We generally schedule 30minute for the ceremony (although most are about 15-20 minutes long, including the procession and recession). This added buffer gives time for guests who may show up late, or to have everyone clear out from cocktail hour.

At Kaleidoscope Events, we’re here to cater to you! We really want to make your day the perfect representation of your vision, and will do everything to bring that vision to life. Ceremonies should be unique to who you are as a couple - remember that! 🤍

XO, The KE Team


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