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Creative Guestbook Ideas for your Wedding Day

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

At Kaleidoscope Event Planning we are always thinking outside the box and we encourage our clients to do so too! Especially when it comes to the small details from signage to aisle markers to guestbooks. A guestbook is something the couple will cherish forever. It’s a great reminder of the couple’s special day and something that can be referenced on the days when love is easy and on those when it’s not so easy. We encourage our couples to come up with a guestbook that’s unique to them. Here are six examples of guestbook ideas that our couples have chosen:

1. Beach Bag

Are you and your SO beach bums? Whether you’re having a beach wedding or spend all your weekends together catching rays with your toes in the sand a beach bag guestbook is the perfect option. This couple had their guests sign a sailcloth which was later made into a tote for the beach!

Seabag Guest Book

2. Initial of the Couple’s Last Name

Need a unique piece of decor for your home? Have all your guests sign and display this on the wall in the bedroom or on a shelf in the living room for a daily reminder of your magical day.

Letter from Amazon photographed by New England Portrait

3. A Book that’s meaningful to the Couple

Do you and your honey have a favorite book? Or a favorite place to visit? Perhaps you’re having a destination wedding. This couple had all their guests sign a page of an architecture book of New Orleans. The groom is an architect and their wedding took place in NOLA. This makes for a distinctive addition to their coffee table.

4. Image of the Sky the Night of the Wedding

This couple has been seeing the same stars ever since their big night. The night sky varies every night so why not have your guests sign your special night.

5. Jenga

Do you and your partner enjoy spending the weekends playing games? Incorporating your favorite game into your guestbook will leave you with a lifetime of fun and memories. Jenga is always a classic! It’s a usable guestbook that won’t break the bank and guaranteed to bring laughs to all those who play.

Jenga Guest Book photographed by Sweet Lady Jane Photography

6. Custom Photo of the Couple

A cherished photo on canvas or a drawing of the couple is another one-of-a-kind option and something you can add to your home decor. We're still waiting on those photos! Check out Miss Design Berry for a similar idea.

If you’re looking for a memorable guestbook Kaleidoscope Event Planning can help you find one that’s unique to you and one that your guests will be talking about!


The KE Team


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