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11 Timeless Bridal Nail Trends to Try

You are in your bridal era, yay! From engagement parties to bachelorette parties and everything in between, there are going to be a lot of bridal events in your future and lots of eyes on your hands. We've rounded up 11 nail trends to try that are timeless, beautiful and one of these might just be the manicure you decide on for your wedding day!

Glazed to perfection! If you've been looking to try the Hailey Bieber glazed nail look, a pretty pearlescent shine is exactly what you should give a whirl!

It's classic for a reason - the French manicure. Depending on your style you can choose a thin or thicker line.

Think bachelorette party for this fun white swirl design!

If you love the French manicure style, but want to make it a little bit more unique try an ombre or glazed / chrome French.

These delicate blue florals are absolutely everything! Imagine this as your "something blue!"

Marbled nails are not something that you see that often, but it's just enough of a statement and pulls just the right amount of attention on your hands!

Velvet nails are shimmering, semi-metallic polishes that are slightly different, but in the right shade can be perfect for all things bridal.

Make a subtle statement with a few of the nails jewel encrusted or with a little pearl detailing.

Something that you don't see as often are simple solid color with your wedding monogram or partners initials, or your first initial & their first initial.

Holiday & wedding nails go hand in hand (pun intended!) because every wedding event is cause for celebration!

What bridal nail trend are you going to try?

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